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Free app to track and manage your baby.
no app installation requiredcompatible on all phones and computer (web browser) - no installation required


Record your feeding, measure evolution and regularity

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Breast pump

Time your breast pump session and follow regularity

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Don't forget to give baby's medicine, with treatments reminders

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Bottle feeding

Save each bottle baby ate, their quantity and content

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Track when you change diaper, and it's content...

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Baby has fever ? Measure, and save baby's temperature and follow the evolution

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Multiple devices

Synchronise data in real time between several devices with a simple link, and share your baby management with your loved ones, grand parents or nany. No need to install an app.

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Save each measure and follow baby's size evolution

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Save each baby's weighing and follow it's evolution

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Track the bath times and keep regularity

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Is baby resting enough ? Time and save baby naps and follow evolution

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Doctor visits

Keep track of doctor visits and avoid forgetting anything.

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Is it time to take vitamins ? Enter each time you give some, and don't forget anymore.

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Vaccins tracking

Track and remember last vaccine date within 2 clicks

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...and many more things to come.

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Welcome on Babylogs

Who am I ? My name is Guillaume. I have become a dad lately, and I love coding. That's why I enjoy creating this app, which I hope will help many parents :)

Guillaume's photo, app creator.

This app is currently on beta release. Many new features are currently under development and will be available soon.

A bug ? Any question or suggestion ?